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Automation is the heart of the company and its main purpose since the beginning. CFL is well versed and practiced in factory control systems for operating machinery, everything from replacing outdated PLCs in refridgeration plants to custom programming robotics to fold boxes.

Industrial Electrical

As a new company in the playing field, we are trying to bring a fresh level of expertise and advanced technology to our clients. We offer 24-hour call-out services as well as substitute electricians to cover non-CFL employee absences.


CFL supplies, installs, and services industrial instruments to control various process parameters: temperature, pressure, levels, flow, and more.

Safety Upgrades

CFL reconizes the importance of electrical safety in the workplace and have vast knowledge on how to bring any electrical system up to a safe grade. Ask us to give you a quote to upgrade your systems today.


SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition ) is essential to the modern industrial world. Ignition, RS View, iFix, MySCADA and other human machine interfaces are routine for CFL.

Alternative Energy

CFL offers expert private and commercial energy solutions with custom designs and installations of alternative energy grids for any application. On-grid or off-grid systems, including battery management, for home, business, and even camping and caravans... the possibilities are endless!

Battery Management

CFL are suppliers of the highest quality lithium batteries in New Zealand

The picture to the right was the first on-grid SMA sunny island storage system installed in New Zealand. It was also the first on-grid SMA installation here in NZ using 20KwH of lithium-ion batteries. The system works flawlessly. It stores the solar energy during the day and provides power during the night. It will export to the grid when the batteries are charged and draws power from the grid when the batteries are fully discharged.

The system keeps working when the grid is disconnected, due to a fault in the grid, and turns the installation into a self sufficient mini-grid by AC coupling between the SMA solar inverters and the SMA sunny island.

Electric Vehicle Conversions

We supply all parts needed to convert your car to electric. Call us for all enquirers.

The SMA Windy Boy in the back of the picture is used via AC coupling to connect the 326v DC battery bank (28.5 KWH) in the Toyota Rav4 to the house battery bank.

The petrol Rav4 was converted to electric drive over 5 years ago and has done since then 70,000Km of maintenance free EV driving.

Hazardous Areas

Electricity in combination with factory-grade chemicals can lead to potentially explosive areas, so CFL abides by the proper procedures to take the risk out of the equation. Certified Ex installers are amongst the CFL team.