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Welcome to Control Focus.

Control Focus specializes in industrial automation and electrical systems. We also work with EV-lution to provide amazing solar and battery management solutions. The company has continuously demonstrated the ability to achieve extraordinary results and we are committed to finding solutions for our clients, no matter how complex the project.

Factory automation, instrumentation, and electrical services -- nothing is out range or our expertise which makes us one of the top industrial electrical firms in Dunedin. From explosion rated rooms and refrigeration controls, to tank level sensing and factory process systems, to solar for home and industry, battery management systems, and electric cars -- try us on!

industrial electricalIndustrial Electrical

As a new company in the playing field, we are trying to bring a fresh level of expertise and advanced technology to our clients. We offer 24-hour call-out services as well as substitute electricians to cover non-CFL employee absences.


Automation is the heart of the company and its main purpose since the beginning. CFL is well versed and practiced in factory control systems for operating machinery, everything from replacing outdated PLCs in refridgeration plants to custom programming robotics to fold boxes.


With our partner company EV-lution we provide great solar options for both home and industry. Off-grid or on the grid we will design a solution for your needs. We can also do other generation options such as wind and hydro if those fit your needs.

batteryBattery Management

Don't let power outages shut you down. CFL are suppliers of the highest quality lithium batteries in New Zealand. Custom lithium battery manufacture for any on-grid or off-grid system.

electric vechiclesElectric Vehicles

Want to convert your car to electric or need the batteries replaced in your electric car? Give us a call. We work with our partner company EV-lution to help convert or repair electric cars. Want some other vehicle convert to electric, give us a call for a chat.


Building in a place that is hard to get electricity to or just want off the main grid? We will work with you to find and build a solution that fits your needs.

riskhazardHazardous Areas

Electricity in combination with factory-grade chemicals can lead to potentially explosive areas, so CFL abides by the proper procedures to take the risk out of the equation. Certified Ex installers are amongst the CFL team.

safteySafety Upgrades

CFL recognizes the importance of electrical safety in the workplace and have vast knowledge on how to bring any electrical system up to a safe grade. Ask us to give you a quote to upgrade your systems today.

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